Transforming Construction

Modular and offsite construction has long been shown to offer certainty of cost and quality

Only now is this just beginning to be appreciated in the wider construction industry, and more specifically the volume housebuilding sector

Offsite Design

There is renewed pressure from the market and from government to increase the role of factory production in the building of new homes. This is partly triggered by the skills shortage in construction, partly by the drive to increase the volume, convenience and speed of housebuilding, and partly by the need to improve quality and reduce defects.

MDA’s work includes a growing number of projects incorporating ‘modern methods of construction’, offsite fabrication and fully modular housing.  We envisage that a significant proportion of future homes will be designed and delivered as high quality manufactured products.

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Through ongoing collaboration with our manufacturing clients we are able to drive improvements in the design of every new project we take on together, resulting not only in reduced costs but improved profitability through greater efficiency.


The design of modular buildings is no more restrictive than any other form of construction. Facades can be designed to suit the location of an individual project, and we frequently work in conservation areas where planning requirements inform the style. The flexibility of the system means that we can employ a variety of facade treatments and the architecture does not need to express the mode of construction any more than a normal framed building.